Miami -Dade County's Most Brilliant Carpet Cleaning Company Welcomes You to a Shiny, Healthier, Clean World

Miami Kwik Dry Total Cleaning is the Miami-Dade County's answer for all of their interior cleaning needs including: carpet cleaning - upholstery cleaning - mattress cleaning - tile and grout cleaning - air duct cleaning and wood floor cleaning. Miami Kwik Dry is an all-natural total cleaning company that has your best interest in mind. Welcome to our site and to our company.  We invite you to learn more about us and hope you become our most satisfied customer.

Miami Kwik Dry is the first franchise of the Kwik Dry Total Cleaning Company.  Kwik Dry started out as low moisture carpet cleaners and then grew and diversified. We have upgraded and changed our products and process to be totally green seal approved.  Our all-natural oxygenated citrus cleaner has the ability to remove stains that are impossible for others in this industry to conquer. Our process dries in an hour or so, (depending on the soiling conditions), and a fresh citrus scent is the only thing left behind.

Our carpet cleaning company is family - owned and operated locally, and all of our franchisees are owner operators, therefore ensuring quality performance.

Kwik Dry Total Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company that prides themselves in being honest and forthright.  We are against the "bait and switch" technique where a low price is advertised and then when you get down to it, there are a lot of extra charges.  Kwik Dry Total Cleaning has NO HIDDEN FEES  and all of our information is given on our website. Brilliant!

We look forward to hearing from you and starting a lifelong cleaning relationship, that keeps the world healthy one home at a time.

Why Choose KwikDry? Let our Founder & Clients Tell You Why!

Why Choose KwikDry? Let our Founder & Clients Tell You Why!

Kwik Dry is a quality Miami-Dade County Carpet Cleaning company that you can trust. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service to Miami-Dade County and what is known as South West Florida. Our all-natural, green, quick drying formula and policy of NO HIDDEN FEES is our key to success.

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